Research papers in English


"Architectural Representation and Experiencing Space in Film" (research paper number 1, Carmen Aroztegui, August 2010).


"Factors affecting Technical Debt Raw data from a systematic literature map" (research paper number 12, Santiago Matalonga, Alberto Villar, March 2014)

"A type-theoretic framework for certified model transformations" (research paper number 9, Daniel Calegari, Carlos Luna, Nora Szasz, Álvaro Tasistro, July 2010)

"Experiment with a type-theoretic approach to the verification of model transformations" (research paper number 8, Daniel Calegari, Carlos Luna, Nora Szasz, Álvaro Tasistro, September 2009)

"Extended UML Statecharts and Product Lines" (research paper number 7, Carlos Luna, Ariel González, September 2009)

Management and Social Sciences

"How a cartel operates: evidence from Graphite Electrode cartel from a social network perspective" (documento de investigación 113, Carlos Ponce y Flavia Roldán, diciembre de 2016)

"Antitrust policies in network environments" (research paper number 112, Carlos Ponce and Flavia Roldán, December 2016)

"Valuation of public amenities and differences in quality of life among Latin American cities" (research paper number 111, María Laura Arrosa and Néstor Gandelman, December 2016)

"Trust and civic engagement: evidence from six Latin American cities" (research paper number 110, Juan José Barrios, December 2016)

"Glass ceiling in research: evidence from a national program in Uruguay" (research paper number 109, Daniel Bukstein and Néstor Gandelman, October 2016)

"Association between feelings about competition and self-reported happiness: do racial differences matter? Evidence from the World Value Surveys" (research paper number 108, Juan José Barrios, August 2016)

"Capitalism in Uruguay" (research paper number 107, Santiago Acerenza and Juan José Barrios, June 2016)

"Peer effects in the development of capabilities in adolescence" (research paper number 104, Ana I. Balsa, Néstor Gandelman and Flavia Roldán, December 2015)

"Do the rich save more in Latin America?" (research paper number 102, Néstor Gandelman, March 2015)

"A comparison of saving rates: micro evidence from sixteen Latin American and Caribbean countries" (
research paper number 101, Néstor Gandelman, March 2015)

"Parenting MNC networks through springboard subsidiaries: a dynamic model of evolution" (research paper number 100, José Plá Barber, Luis Silva Domingo and Cristina Villar, February 2015)

"Culture, competition, and happiness" (research paper number 99, Juan José Barrios, June 2014)

"Risk Aversion at the Country Level" (research paper number 98, Néstor Gandelman and Rubén Hernández-Murillo, February 2014)

"Competition and wellbeing" (research paper number 95, Juan José Barrios, November 2013)

"HRM practices in Uruguay 1997-2007" (research paper number 94, Adriana Cassoni and Gaston J. Labadie, May 2013)

"Innovativeness along the business cycle" (research paper number 93, Adriana Cassoni and Magdalena Ramada-Sarasola, May 2013)

"Digital Money and its impact on local economic variables. The case of Uruguay" (research paper number 92, Adriana Cassoni and Camilo Ramada, May 2013)

"Marketing and Sales organization in a ´Brand-Focused Professional` multinational" (research paper number 91, Teresa Cometto, Gastón J. Labadie and Miguel Palacios, April 2013)

"Distributive impact of transport expenditure The case of Uruguay" (research paper number 90, Andrés Pereyra and Marcelo Pérez, abril de 2013)

"Credit Constraints, Sector Informality and Firm Investments: Evidence from a panel of Uruguayan Firms" (research paper number 89, Néstor Gandelman and Alejandro Rasteletti, March 2013)

"The determinants of the quality of the sales-marketing interface in a multinational customer brand focused company: the Latin American branches" (research paper number 87, Teresa Cometto, Gaston J. Labadie and Miguel Palacios, February 2013)

"Winning Elections versus Governing: A Two-Tier Approach to Party Adaptation in Argentina, 1983-2003" (research paper number 86, Andrés Malamud, February 2013)

"Peer effects in risk aversion" (research paper number 84, Ana Balsa, Néstor Gandelman and Nicolás González, December 2012)

"The impact of Human Resources Practices and Labor Relations on Organizational Performance in Uruguay: An empirical test" (research paper number 83, Adriana Cassoni and Gastón J. Labadie, December 2012)

"The innovative behaviour of Uruguayan firms – stylized facts revisited" (research paper number 82, Adriana Cassoni, November 2012)

"The organization of expertise in the presence of communication" (research paper number 81, Flavia Roldán, October 2012)

"Collusive networks in market-sharing agreements under the presence of an antitrust authority" (research paper number 80, Flavia Roldán, October 2012)

"Covert networks and the antitrust policy" (research paper number 79, Flavia Roldán, September 2012)

"Intra-generational Social Mobility and Entrepreneurship in Uruguay" (research paper number 78, Daniel Bukstein, Néstor Gandelman, August 2012)

"Intergenerational Mobility, Middle Sectors and Entrepreneurship in Uruguay" (research paper number 77, Néstor Gandelman and Virginia Robano, August 2012)

"Exploring cruise ship passengers’ spending patterns in two Uruguayan ports of call" (research paper number 76, Juan Gabriel Brida, Daniel Bukstein and Emiliano Tealde, July 2012)

"The impact of bank credit on employment formality in Uruguay" (research paper number 75, Néstor Gandelman and Alejandro Rasteletti, May 2012)

"What Do Happiness and Health Satisfaction Data Tell Us about Relative Risk Aversion?" (research paper number 74, Ruben Hernández-Murillo and Néstor Gandelman, March 2012)

"Cruise visitors' experience in Uruguay: an empirical survey study" (research paper number 72, Juan Gabriel Brida and María Nela Seijas, February 2012)

"Participation in voluntary organizations" (research paper number 70, Juan José Barrios, December 2011)

"Religion, trust and reciprocity: evidence from six Latin American cities" (research paper number 69, Juan José Barrios and Néstor Gandelman, December 2011)

"Existence of non-profit organizations in the United States of America" (research paper number 68, Juan José Barrios, December 2011)

"Reforma del Estado y la gestión pública en el Uruguay: antecedentes y evolución del caso del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores: 1973-2005" (research paper number 67, Daniel Rótulo, December 2011)

"Governance and behavior in non-profits: analysis of Uruguayan health care organizations" (research paper number 66, Juan José Barrios and Mieke Meurs, July 2011)

"Management control paths: applying levers of control in interorganisational relationships" (research paper number 65, Teresa Canet Giner, Ana Redondo Cano and Luis Silva Domingo, April 2011)

"The impact of ICT in health promotion: a randomized experiment with diabetes patients" (research paper number 63, Ana Balsa and Néstor Gandelman, February 2011)

"The Impact of ICT on Adolescents' Perceptions and Consumption of Substances" (research paper number 60, Ana I. Balsa, Néstor Gandelman and Rafael Porzecanski, November 2010)

"Essays on modern China: The uses of history as a political device" (research paper number 55, Guzmán Castro, April 2010)

"Demand Constraints in a Titling Program in Uruguay" (research paper number 51, Néstor Gandelman, October 2009)

"Inter-Generationals Effects of Titling Programs: Physical vs. Human Capital" (research paper number 50, Néstor Gandelman, October 2009)

"Analysis of some Productive Development Policies in Uruguay" (research paper number 47, Juan José Barrios, Néstor Gandelman and Gustavo Michelin, August 2009)

Quality of life in Montevideo (research paper number 39, Zuleika Ferre, Néstor Gandelman and Giorgina Piani, September 2008)

Titling and chronic diseases: evidence from a natural experiment in Uruguay (research paper number 38, Néstor Gandelman, September 2008)

Institutions and Nonprofit Organizations (research paper number 37, Juan José Barrios, July 2008)

O Sistema Internacional pós Guerra Fria - Politica Externa Republicana e a Sociedade Civil Mundial na Era da Globalizaçao (research paper number 36, Ademar Seabra Da Cruz Jr., June 2008)

On the behavior of non profit Organizations. The case of the Uruguayan Health Sector (research paper number 33, Juan José Barrios, September 2007)

Gender Differentials in Judicial Proceedings: field evidence from housing related cases in Uruguay (research paper number 31, Eduardo Gandelman, Néstor Gandelman and Julie Rothschild, December 2006)

Gender Differentials in Homeownership in Latin America (research paper number 30, Néstor Gandelman, December 2006)

Factor Adjustment and Imports from China and India: Evidence from Uruguayan Manufacturing (research paper number 29, Carlos Casacuberta and Néstor Gandelman, December 2006)

Protection, Openess and Factor Adjustment: Evidence from the manufacturing sector in Uruguay (research paper number 28, Carlos Cassacuberta and Néstor Gandelman, December 2006)

Long-Run Growth and Productivity Changes in Uruguay: Evidence from Aggregate and Industry Level Data (research paper number 27, Carlos Casacuberta, Néstor Gandelman and Raimundo Soto, December 2006)

Implementação de acordos internacionais no Brasil: a influência dos fatores políticos. Analise de proceso de implementacão do monitoramento conjunto para controle da poluição ambiental transfronteiriça (research paper number 26, Daniel Rótulo, December 2006)

Cooperação política Brasil-Uruguai e agenda pública no Brasil na etapa da pre-negociação de acordos internacionais. O caso dos acordos pela poluiçao transfronteiriça produzida pela termelétrica Candiota (research paper number 25, Daniel Rótulo, December 2006)

Homeownership and Gender (research paper number 18, Néstor Gandelman, April 2005)

Selection Biases in Sports Market (research paper number 17, Néstor Gandelman, February 2005)

Employment, Capital and Productivity Dinamics: Evidence from the Manufacturing Sector in Uruguay (research paper number 16, Carlos Casacuberta, Gabriela Fachola and Néstor Gandelman, September 2004)

Foreign Equity Investment in Uruguayan Pension Funds (research paper number 12, Eduardo Siandra and Carlos Testuri, February 2002)

Investment Equations and Financial Restrictions at Firm Level: The Case of Uruguay (research paper number 11, Julio de Brun, Néstor Gandelman and Eduardo Barbieri, November 2001)

Best practices and managerial profiles among firms in Uruguay: a quantitative description (research paper number 10, Ana Laura Rodríguez, Gaston J. Labadie, Laura Font, Raúl Prego and Gerardo Cedrola, August 2001)

Uruguayan teachers: Careers and incentives (research paper number 9, Juliana Martinez, Fernando Filgueira, Gaston J. Labadie and Renato Opertti, August 1999)

Politics and Ideas in Policymaking. Reforming Pension Systems in Comparative Perspective. The cases of Uruguay and Chile (research paper number 8, Jorge Papadópulos, July 2001)

Tax Competition with Evasion (research paper number 7, Néstor Gandelman and Rubén Hernández-Murillo, August 2000)

The Changing Nature of Transactions in the Uruguayan Rice Industry: Chain attributes and strategic connotations (research paper number 3, Daniel Conforte, June 1998)

Trade in Services in the Mercosur Area: Economic Assesment and Issues for Liberalization (research paper number 2, Julio de Brun, November 1996)

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