Exchange students - Uruguay
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Exchange students

Our exchange program is open to all students from partner universities.

As an exchange student you are eligible to study at Universidad ORT Uruguay for a semester or a year, with full or partial exemption of the tuition fees, depending on the agreement signed with your home institution.

During the time of your exchange you have access to the same services and benefits as local students.

  • Important dates

    The academic year in Uruguay starts in March and ends in December.

    All undergraduate programs are subdivided into two terms, going from March to July and from August to December.

    If you are a degree-seeking student, please refer to the academic calendar or contact the International Office.

  • Language requirements

    Most courses are taught in Spanish, which is why all international non-degree seeking students are required to prove their intermediate language competence in Spanish.

    Your Spanish level should exceed B1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

  • How to apply

    If you are an exchange student from one of our partner universities you must be nominated by your international office before submitting your application.


    Academic programs and enrollment

    The academic year in Uruguay begins in March. But some degree programs start twice a year (in those cases, the academic year starts in both March and August).

  • English-taught courses

    To facilitate the integration of international students, Universidad ORT Uruguay offers some courses which are taught entirely in English.

    Other university courses are offered as dual-language courses, meaning that lectures are given in Spanish with course materials and assessments available in English.

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