Estimated cost of living in Uruguay
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Estimated cost of living

During your stay in Uruguay, you’ll discover that the prices may differ from the ones you are used to.

In this section you’ll find a list with some of the most common expenses and their estimated prices in dollars (keep in mind that the cost may vary from place to place and depending on the current rate of exchange).

Category USD
Monthly groceries 150
Liter of milk 1
Package of rice (1kg) 1.50
Package of noodles (500g) 1
Sliced Bread (600g) 6.50
Mineral water (1ltr) 1.30
Coca Cola (1.5ltr) 2.90
Meal in an average restaurant 10-15
Big Mac Menu, Mc Donald's 8.10
Cheese Pizza (28cm) 9
Urban bus ticket 1
Taxi from downtown to Airport 50
Uber from downtown to Airport 18
Gym, monthly pass 30-60
Cinema ticket 10


Main supermarkets

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