About the Australian Studies Centre
Australian Studies Centre

About the Centre

The Australian Studies Centre (ASC) is an academic institute mainly dedicated to the intellectual connection with Australian science and technology, history, politics, international relations, economy, business, society, education, culture and literature.

The ASC aims to strengthen the academic and cultural links between Australia and the region, in particular with Uruguay. The Centre strives to work with researchers, students and academics in fields of study of common interest in Australia and Uruguay, helping to create academic relationships between both countries.

The Centre's public activities include: lectures, conferences, seminars and other activities designed to attract a diverse audience, helping to facilitate a more comprehensive, detailed and balanced perception of Australia.

The institute will administer scholarships and fellowships for undergraduate and postgraduate students and faculty, in order to support academic mobility between Australia and Uruguay.

The Centre is initially funded by Petrel Energy and Universidad ORT Uruguay.

Strategy 2017-2019

  1. To develop a regional reputation for the Centre in Australian Studies research over the next three years, particularly in relation to its key areas of study (set Key areas of study 2017-2019), and as a major player in the regional understanding of Australia, its past, its present, and its future directions.

    This includes: making the Centre a recognized platform for communication with other Australian Studies centres worldwide; and building a strong connection to the Centre among members of the research, faculty, alumni and student communities in Uruguay.

  2. To develop exchange and scholarship programs for Uruguayan faculty and students.

  3. To raise the ASC’s media and online profiles in Uruguay and Australia through hosting high-profile speakers addressing topical subjects in debates, seminars, conferences and public lectures.

  4. To develop strategic partnerships to assist the ASC in meeting its goal of promoting the understanding of Australia in the region.

ASC’s main objectives

  • To organize conferences, seminars and roundtables about Australian current issues and their relationship with the region.
  • To promote overseas study and student exchange programs.
  • To promote academic cooperation with Australian universities, in particular faculty exchange programs and activities in support of the Uruguayan postgraduate system.
  • To develop courses on Australian history, politics, international relations, economics, business, society, education, culture, literature, sustainability and environmental topics.
  • To develop comparative research projects between Australia and the region.
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