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Carolan Marketing Research Forum - Universidad ORT Uruguay - 2021

Marco teórico

El pensamiento de la Dra. Geraldine Fennell se basa en una premisa poderosa: no vender lo que uno fabrica, sino lo que los clientes quieren comprar.

Sobre esa idea central, la Dra. Fennell desarrolló varias líneas de investigación, entre ellas un modelo para comprender y clasificar los deseos de los clientes de manera de contribuir al mejor diseño de marcas y productos.

Su pensamiento y sus investigaciones están disponibles en los siguientes artículos:

1975 - Motivation research revisited

1975 - What is a situation? A motivational paradigm

1978 - Consumers' perceptions of the product-use situation

1979 - Attention engagement

1980 - Attitude, motivation, and marketing or, where do the attributes come from?

1980 - The situation

1982 - Terms v. concepts: Market segmentation, brand positioning and other aspects of the academic-practitioner gap

1982 - The unit to be classified: persons vs. behaviours

1983 - Persuasion: Planning for behavioral change in business and nonbusiness contexts

1985 - Finally, let's model marketing communications

1985 - Persuasion: Marketing as behavioral science in business and nonbusiness contexts

1985 - Things of Heaven and Earth: Phenomenology, marketing, and consumer research

1986 - Extending the thinkable: Consumer research for marketing practice

1987 - Is selling marketing? The academic-practitioner gap revisited

1987 - Prolegomenon: Marketing, ethics, and quality-of-life

1987 - A radical agenda for marketing science: Represent the marketing concept!

1987 - Reculer pour mieux sauter or, why consumer psychologists need a general model of action

1988 - Action as counterchange: Identifying antecedents of the domain and goal of action

1988 - Marketing: In loco parentis?

1988 - Reclaiming form utility for marketing: The human side of the person-technology interface

1995 - Globalization issues: The myth of prepackaged solutions


International business cases: Is marketing missing?

The thinking of Geraldine Fennell: A compilation and organization of quotes


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