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International Office

Uruguay has become a popular option for study abroad. Its safe environment, mild climate and natural beauty make this country an attractive destination for international students. If you like the idea of studying in a Spanish-speaking environment, receiving personal attention and high quality education, Universidad ORT Uruguay has a variety of programs to offer.


    About the university

    Universidad ORT Uruguay is an innovative and entrepreneurial university with a strong focus in science, technology, business and design.

    Our mission is to provide excellence in higher education in fields that are relevant to the country's development and to train professionals for the national and international challenges they will encounter. 

    The university fosters a culture of innovation and has pioneered new programs of study and educational technologies in Uruguay.

  • Buddy Program

    Setting off to live in another country with a different culture can be an overwhelming experience at first. The university offers extra help to international students through its "Programa Padrinos", or buddy program.

    The program was created to help exchange students get settled by pairing them with local students who help with daily matters on arrival and during the first weeks in Montevideo.

  • Get ready to study in Uruguay

    Before studying abroad it is normal that you have many questions about the country that is going to receive you. Here you will find the necessary information to plan your stay. Do not hesitate to contact the Student Exchange Coordination for more information.

  • Life in Uruguay

    Recommended by Lonely Planet as one of the top-10 must-see countries, Uruguay is a friendly nation and very open to foreigners.

    It has the highest literacy rate in Latin America.

    Its capital city, Montevideo, concentrates the main services and universities of the country. 

    Uruguay has mild, humid weather, with hot summers, cool winters and an average temperature of 17 °C.

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