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The purpose of our university is to contribute to the development of our country through applied research, links with the productive sectors and training of trustworthy professionals capable of performing well in the knowledge society.

Our educational philosophy promotes the pursuit of quality, innovation and respect for ethical guidelines in the professional work.


Our graduates have the tools to adapt to change with flexibility, proactivity and a critical approach; they value teamwork, understand the challenges of technical advances in their disciplines, and have the skills to perform in an international environment.

ORT offers more than 90 degrees at a postgraduate, undergraduate and technical level in Architecture, Engineering, Biotechnology, Management, Economics, International Relations, Design, Animation, Communications and Education.

More than 15,400 students pursue degrees in four faculties and one institute.

The university has pioneered the introduction of new degrees and educational technologies in Uruguay, and each year resources are assigned for continuous improvement of teaching methods and research, educational infrastructure and training of teachers.


The faculty includes more than 1,600 professors and researchers, selected by their professional excellence and engagement with teaching; over one-third of the faculty is in high-dedication regimes.

Students and graduates

Students and graduates are distinguished by their creative and competent contributions in their fields, often obtaining prizes and recognition, with high levels of employment.

More than 23,000 graduates work successfully in our country or abroad, often in business or social enterprises created by themselves.

The average employment rate of our university graduates in the last few years is above 95%.


The university has an academic infrastructure that includes laboratories for practice and experimentation in information technologies, electronics, biotechnology, audiovisual production for online courses, design workshops, construction, 3D printing and prototyping, TV professional production, videoconferencing and three auditoriums.

Two libraries are available to students and teachers, with specialized collections and access to electronic databases of publications and data.

Entrepreneurship and academic cooperation

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) has an innovation laboratory where all the university's areas of knowledge converge. CIE promotes entrepreneurial attitudes in students and graduates and consolidates a community of entrepreneurs in a dynamic space where they can jointly work, collaborate and create.

The university has academic cooperation agreements with more than 230 universities and international organizations from all over the world, to facilitate student exchange and collaboration projects in research and teaching. It is a member of main academic international associations such as the International Association of Universities (IAU) and Unión de Universidades de América Latina (UDUAL).


ORT started activities in Uruguay in 1942 as a technical school and achieved university status through the resolution of the Ministry of Education and Culture in 1996. It is a member of World ORT, an international educational network founded in 1880 by the Jewish community of Saint Petersburg, Russia.